We Buy Funko Pops! Collections!

If you're looking to sell your Funko Pop collection, you've come to the right place- Toy Cabal is the number one buyer of Pop collections in the world!

*MUST READ BEFORE FILLING OUT FORM: We are currently looking for collections that meet the following conditions:

1) Have 75 or more Pops

2) Have some higher end Pops ($100+) mixed in

3) Have been stored in a smoke-free environment

If your collection doesn't meet all three conditions then we most likely won't be interested; we only say this to keep folks from wasting their time or getting their hopes up. The only time we'd consider a collection of fewer than 100 Pops is if there are a lot of high-end items included. 

Our Process: We have a great process for buying collections that moves things along pretty quickly for both sides: 

1) Fill out the form below 

2) We will get back to you either with an offer which will include us paying for shipping, or us letting you know that we aren't interested in making an offer. But you will hear back from us either way, usually within 3-5 days. 

3) Once our offer is accepted, we will send you packing recommendations which includes the exact boxes to use, bubble wrap, etc... You can order these supplies online and have them delivered to your house. 

4) Once they are ready to ship, we send your money via Paypal