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Toy Cabal

2013 Disney Pixar 4 Pack Shared Exclusive 01

2013 Disney Pixar 4 Pack Shared Exclusive 01

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  • Both are the same pop & box,
  • D23 EVENT Sticker is the ONLY thing that differentiates the two  

  **This is the original way  'Con/Event' & 'Shared' Pops were released — EXCEPT back than, 'Shared Stickers did NOT exist. 
Making the 'Event/Con' Exclusive Pop the ONLY one with a sticker.   
As the 'shared' versions (same pop/box), were then released as a 'sticker less' event exclusive. (Which these pops can be confused to look like what we call today, a 'common')

Image shown represents actual funko pop you are purchasing. Shipped expeditiously with insurance and signature required in a 7BAP Pop Armor.

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*By purchasing this item you understand and agree our no refund policy this is unfortunately a necessary on the higher values grails and items we sell to combat buyer fraud among other unscrupulous online scams.

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